The Men of Sigma Chi Mu Epsilon, all have two major goals in mind; to better the Greek life at the University of Massachusetts from within, and to live our lives by the very principles established by the Seven Founding Fathers of Sigma Chi. Our interests in athletics, academics, business, science, engineering, and more will create a chapter with extraordinary talents; the range of individual interests is beneficial in creating a fraternity that will prosper with diversity in planning.

The current members of the Sigma Chi Mu Epsilon chapter show passion in their pursuits  We have members in many different majors, including :

  • Health Sciences

  • Life Sciences

  • Business Administration

  • Sport Management

  • Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Natural Sciences


Our members are also active members in the UMass community, participating in many clubs and organizations such as ROTC.  The diversity of our fraternity will only grow and continue to expand as we do in the Greek community.

The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance, and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning within its membership. We believe that character goes beyond the classroom; character derives from experience and a wealth of understanding, tolerance, and ability.




Sigma Chi was founded on June 28th, 1855 at the Miami Ohio University in Oxford, OH by six members who had split from the Delta Kappa Eplision fraternity
over a dispute underlining their beliefs of friendship, justice, and learning. From then on, Sigma Chi became one of three originally fraternities, called "the Miami Triad".

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